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Recurring Revenue
by joining the Kitsune Software Collective

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How to make money
with Kitsune NFTs

We are Decentralizing the Software as a Service business model.

By minting a Kitsune NFT you can earn recurring revenues becoming an exclusive software provider of the Kitsune Collective.

Kitsune NFT holders are the only ones to own a "copy" of the software and when a Brand will want to use this software have to pay the NFT holder for the usage.

In the advertising market, you can sell your NFT software to Brands to secure influencer marketing campaign transactions and pay in crypto.


Market Scarcity - 3.000 buyers every 1 NFT.

Do your math:
there are more than 30 million influencers who need a KitsuneNFT to increase their earnings and only 10,000 patent protected Kitsune NFT.

You can rent your Kitsune NFT to an influencer and get paid monthly without losing ownership, or sell it on the secondary market at a higher price.


Today you can already publish your NFT on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as a special post.

Differentiate from competitors by offering a Premium service to Brands when you run a promotion, securing the transaction in the blockchain and getting paid in cryptocurrencies.

You can easily double your revenue, but beware only 10,000 patent protected Kitsune NFT are available to an audiences of 30 million influencers.

Software Utility

Kitsune NFT core utility is the patented software that allows holders to mutate the NFT digital asset in exchange for crypto.

We want holders to have complete control over their Kitsune NFT, especially over the digital asset (typically a JPEG).

This gives holders more opportunities to adapt their NFT to different scenarios, market evolution, and monetization.

Get your
Kitsune NFT

You can mint your Kitsune NFT, rent or buy one in secondary markets like OpenSea, LooksRare, etc.

Connect to your Social Profiles

Publish your NFT on your social profiles. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other already integrate it

Promote NFT Booking Link

Each Kitsune NFT has a special link that you can promote to easily receive rental offers in exchange for Ethereum

Accept Rental Offers

Using the Kitsune dApp you can easily accept offers based on the rental period, the creativity and the cryptocurrencies

The Legend of Kitsune Order

More than 1,000 years ago, a secret battle between good and evil led to the defeat of the Kitsune Order.

An ancient group of knights tasked with maintaining order in the worlds.

Each Knight was chosen by a Kitsune fox.

Kitsune foxes were magical spirits that gave supernatural powers to the chosen ones.

At the end of the war, the Kitsune Order was exterminated and their spirits locked up in Magic Seals.

I am Master Yuujin.

For 1,000 years we "Yamabushi" have protected the Scroll which today will help us find the seals and free the Kitsune.

"Great will be the power of those who free a Kitsune, but as a spirit this needs a deserving human, who is able to host the power of him and follow the paths of the Master Protector of Kitsune Order".



This is the default and unique PFP associated to each NFT  during the mint process.

Using the Kitsune dApp, holders can temporary change the NFT digital asset with custom images, 3D models, and more.


Kitsune dApp is a super webapp that those who own a Kitsune NFT can use to manage NFT, accept rental offers from brands, update the NFT digital asset and more.

How much can I earn?
This depends on the rental price you set, such as when you rent a house.
For example: you can ask for 0.1 Eth/month, so hypothetically in 1 year you can earn up to 3.6 Eth with 3 KitsuneNFT.

Powerd By


Stunning Art

An amazing collection of 10.000 hand drawn art that fit the NFT owner's character. These are the default digital assets randomly associated with each KitsuneNFT after mint, with more than 456 traits.

Bonus & Refund Policy


The wallets that will mint the KitsuneNFT during Batch 1 (therefore NFT from #501 to #1,500) in addition to taking advantage of a Mint Price discounted by 67% compared to Batch 3, at the end of the collection sellout will receive a refund equal to the value of your NFT during the Batch 1 Mint process (Ex. if you spent $100 + gas on mint, we will send you $100 dollars in Ethereum equivalent). Please be careful that the payouts will be made on the wallets that at the time of the payout will be in possession of the NFT minted at the time during Batch 1, so we recommend you not resell your KitsuneNFT otherwise you will not be able to receive the bonus payout.

To protect the early investors who will Mint during Batch 1, and to thank them for supporting us in this critical phase ❤️, we have decided that in case the Mint process of Batch 1 does not continue and therefore the launch will fail for any reason to reimburse you. The refund will be made as follows: refund in the wallets that hold the NFT up to that moment for 55% of the value paid during the Batch 1 Mint (excluding gas-fee) at request.

A Value-First Roadmap

Please read carefully!

From day-1 we invested our funds in the product to give immediate value to the community.

(Patent) Intellectual Property

We are protecting the project's uniqueness and holders by patenting the core KitsuneNFT process. We already applied at the European Patent Office from Italy ("102022000017094"), so the core project asset is already protected.

Smart Contract

The Kitsune smart contract is already deployed in Ethereum mainnet after a comprehensive test. The smart contract manages the minting as well as the core Kitsune functionalities. It is verified in Etherscan so everyone can check it out before minting the NFT.

Collection Design

KitsuneNFT is a utility-first project, but we understand very well the importance of the project's branding and visual uniqueness. We have created fantastic and unique PFPs for each Kitsune NFT, our PFPs are must-have arts that perfectly reflect the holder and project values.

Community Launch

in progress
The New Kitsune Order is the project's community and every NFT holder is a First Knight. Being a Hand of the New Kitsune Order is an honor, you will be able to train aspiring knights and grow the community with new recruits, but also elect and become Kitsune Masters and thus be part of the council.

Collection Listing

after collection sellout
KitstuneNFT Collection will be available for secondary market trading on OpenSea, LooksRare, etc. at the end of the Batch 3 mint process. This is because we want to protect the value of the collection, holders and creators before the minting process is completed, based on our experience, publishing on OpenSea before the completion of mint means ruining the project and floor price.

dApp Release

after collection sellout
We will release the decentralized web application (dApp) that allows the holders to manage their NFT, accept rent offers, update assets and more.

Kitsune Marketplace

after collection sellout
We will release a Kitsune Marketplace which will help Traders and Influencers to easily rent their KitsuneNFT and Brands or Media Companies will be able to easily find Influencers who offer a protected premium service for their promotional campaigns.


Juxhin R.


Startup Founder, 20+ yr in SW Development, Amazon Alexa Champion, AI/Blockchain expert & public speaker. Parkour Umbria Co-Founder.

Massimo B.

Creative director

25+ yr experience in visual & graphic design. Creator of armor, clothes and objects of historical reproduction. Parkour Umbria Co-Founder.

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